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“The Path: A Guide to Happiness” to Be Published in December

Khenchen Sherab Zangpo's first book in English “The Path: A Guide to Happiness” will be formally released by Wisdom Publications on December 19th, 2017. Drawing on Tibetan Buddhist traditionandhis own fascinating life story, Khenchen describesthe way of reaching happiness through…

2017 Autumn-Winter Group Practice of Animal Life-Release

The yearly autumn-winter animal life-release has started on September 21st this year. It is a worldwide daily practice among Khenchen Sherab Zangpo Rinpoches followers, Buddhists and even people who have other beliefs. The daily life-release will be performed consecutively for 10…

The Eight-Day Grand Vow Practice Successfully Completed at Tashi Triling in September 2017

In Maitreya Hall at 8:00am on September 23rd 2017 (the third day of the eighth Tibetan month), Tashi Trilings Grand Vow practice that lasted for eight days was successfully completed following dedication and auspicious praying. The participants observing the related eight precept…

Vajra Dance “The Life of Tenzin Yuoe Bumme”

Tenzin Yuoe Bumme was a spiritual son of the famous warrior king Gesar the Great Lion as well as his designated throne successor. He was also a key Dharma protector for the Earlier Translation School of Nyingma.